Professional-Grade Starter, Generator, And Alternator Repair Shop

Generator Starter Shop Inc is a family owned business conveniently located in Billings, MT. Mike has been a part of the family owned business for 40 years and has more industry experience than anyone else in the area. New owners, Lee and Dani Bestrom, are excited to continue to provide quality service and expertise on generators and starters to The Heights area.

We specialize in quality service, repair, custom rebuilds for starters and alternators. We also have an extensive inventory of OEM aftermarket parts and batteries for sale.

If we can’t fix the problem, we’ll let you know right away. Otherwise, nothing leaves the shop until it’s working properly.

Custom Starter Rebuilds And Repair

If you’ve noticed a lag in your vehicle’s performance lately, let the experts at Generator Starter Shop Inc take a look. If you’re having issues with an alternator or generator, starter, or battery, we’ll be able to repair or rebuild whatever needs to be fixed.

Plus, we work with all types of vehicles – cars, boats, agricultural equipment, etc. – so don’t worry about showing up at our shop with something we’ve never seen before.

Car alternator

FREE Component Testing

Before we can fix anything, we need to know exactly what’s causing the problem. That’s why we provide FREE testing on all starters, generators, alternators, and batteries.

Once we get to the root of the problem we’ll explain everything to you, and then make sure it never happens again – or replace the failing parts altogether.

We Sell Parts And Batteries

If you need a new battery, parts, or OEM parts, Generator Starter Shop Inc is the only stop you’ll ever have to make. We supply a number of local auto shops with starters and generators, and our friendly associates will be more than happy to help you locate anything you need.