Repairs and Rebuilds for Semi-Truck Alternators

It’s imperative for a semi-truck alternator to function properly. The alternator is an electrical generator. It produces electrical energy from mechanical energy through an alternating current. Most of them use a stationary armature-equipped rotating magnetic field.

Simply put, if your semi-truck’s alternator is not working like it should be, your truck is going to stall. That’s never something you want since that can bring your business to a standstill and hurt your standing within your industry.

Generator Starter Company knows how to do alternator and pre-alternator repair and rebuilds for semi-truck models of all kinds. When you contact us, expect the following:

  • An honest assessment of what’s happening with your alternator
  • A free estimate and no high-pressure sales tactics
  • Professional mechanical experts who can rebuild your alternator or tweak it as circumstances warrant
  • Friendly service from individuals with many years in the industry

Our team has been repairing alternators and other machine parts for four decades. We have rock-bottom prices on replacement parts feature a vast selection. You won’t have to wait for days or weeks while we get in the components you need.

You won’t find a more experienced crew in all of Montana to advise you on what to do about your faulty alternator. We’ll tell you if you need an entirely new one or whether a couple of parts can save your current one.

We have no trouble looking over an entire fleet of vehicles if your company owns several semi-trucks. Doing routine alternator maintenance can sometimes save you from having to replace them later. Let Generator Starter Company handle your alternator repair or replacement today.