Starters for Heavy Duty Equipment

Starters for Heavy-Duty Equipment

Many of our customers work in industries where they use heavy-duty equipment. That’s a bit of a catchall term, but heavy-duty usually refers to things like engineering or construction machinery. It could also reefer to heavy trucks with a lot of hauling and towing capacity.

If you use any of those for commercial purposes, you know how critical it is for the starter to be working like it should. If your starter is not turning over as smoothly or consistently as it ought to be, it’s time to call our team at Generator Starter Company Inc. We’re the experts when you need service, maintenance, and sales for heavy-duty equipment, heavy trucks, etc.

We do starter repairs and rebuilds for:

  • All manner of heavy-duty machines
  • Equipment for earthwork operations
  • Engineering and construction equipment
  • Hydraulic machinery
  • And more

The crew at Generator Starter Company Inc has been fixing and rebuilding heavy-duty equipment starters for four decades, and we have deep roots with the Billings, Montana community. When you come to us and explain what’s happening with your machine and its starter, we start with a multiple-point inspection. Our assessment will include an estimate of how much the repair work will cost. We’ll also let you know if the starter needs to be replaced entirely. Notably, we can fix your existing equipment, do a total rebuild from the ground up, or sell you a new machine at an affordable price. Our customers can always expect honesty and no-pressure sales at Generator Starter Company. We specialize in DENSO starters, but we will work with anything you bring in. If you have any questions, contact us.