Heavy-Duty Equipment Battery Testing, Replacement, and Repairs

If your heavy-duty equipment isn’t working right, it could be a malfunctioning or dead battery that is to blame.

Generator Starter Company Inc is your go-to business entity in the Billings area that can do battery testing, replacement, repairs, and sales for heavy-duty equipment and heavy trucks. When you come to us with your vehicle or other agricultural equipment, we can:

  • Test the battery to determine if there’s anything wrong with it
  • Figure out through one of our multiple-point inspections whether we can repair the battery or whether you’ll need to replace it completely
  • Give you the lowest possible price on battery repairs or replacements  

If your vehicle or heavy-duty machine’s battery is not performing like the manufacturer intended it to, that will render that machine inoperable. If you rely on it for a vital job around your farm or business, you need to either replace or get that battery repaired as quickly as you can. That way, you can reduce downtime.

Generator Starter Company Inc has served the Billings, MT community for multiple generations, and we know everything about batteries and the machines they power. Our tests will reveal conclusively whether the battery is the issue if your machine is malfunctioning. If it is, we have the largest selection of batteries for replacements, and we also have the technical know-how to fix your battery if it is possible to salvage it.

You can come to us with a single heavy-duty machine, or else we can check the batteries for your entire fleet. You will never have to worry about us not having the parts you need since we have the most extensive inventory of any company in the area.

Let Generator Starter Company test, replace, or repair your heavy-duty machine or vehicle’s battery today.