Precision Alternator Repair & Rebuilds

Is Your Battery Not Getting Enough Power?

If your battery has been losing power recently, your problem may not be with the battery itself. If your pre-alternator is damaged, worn, or is just far passed its prime, it won’t be able to send enough power to charge the batteryGenerator Starter Shop Inc can help. Our generator/pre-alternator work is perfect for a wide variety of vehicles and equipment, including:

Car-Auto alternator image

If you’re not sure what the problem is, don’t worry. We offer FREE testing in order to find out exactly what’s causing the issue. Once we find the cause, we quickly get to work on finding the best possible solution.

We Repair And Rebuild:

  • We are very sorry, but we DO NOT work on Mobile Generators
  • Pre-alternators (for older vehicles and tractors)
  • Alternators