Alternators for Heavy-Duty Equipment

Did you know heavy-duty equipment shares specific design characteristics? For instance, nearly all of it features alternators that need to function flawlessly if the equipment is going to perform the tasks for which the manufacturer created it.

If you own heavy-duty equipment in Billings, and the alternator is not working correctly, it’s time to contact the pros at Generator Starter Company Inc. We know how to handle alternator and pre-alternator repair and rebuilds for heavy-duty equipment and heavy trucks. When you reach out to us, expect:

  • A free estimate
  • A careful, multiple-point assessment of your vehicle or machinery’s alternator
  • The lowest possible price on any repair work or an alternator replacement
  • Friendly, professional repairs from experts with many years of experience in the industry  

Heavy-duty equipment might look tough and rugged, but you have to remember that these are still precision machines with delicate components. They can stand up to a lot, but over time, their parts can wear down. This is certainly true regarding their alternators. We have earned our reputation as expert mechanics over multiple generations.

The process starts with you visiting us and describing what’s happening with your vehicle or machinery. We can determine whether it’s the alternator that’s giving you trouble. Next, we’ll let you know whether a repair is possible or whether an entirely new alternator is the way to go.

If it’s the latter, we can offer you the absolute lowest price on a brand-new, top-of-the-line alternator from the most recognizable industry names.

For more information, contact us today.