Agricultural Vehicle Alternator Repairs and Rebuilds

In Billings, many individuals and companies own agricultural vehicles. Montana is a state that thrives on the farming industry, so it’s critical that those machines operate seamlessly. These include harvesters, plows, harrows, tractors, seeders, balers, etc.

Many of these vehicles have something in common: they use alternators. An alternator is an electrical generator that works to convert mechanical energy to electric through use of an alternating current. Most of these alternators use rotating magnetic fields along with a stationary armature for simplicity and cost.

If any part of an agricultural vehicle’s alternator begins to malfunction, the machine itself will not be able to fulfill its purpose. If you live or work in Billings and have an agricultural vehicle with a faulty alternator, you should contact Generator Starter Company so we can fix or replace it for you. We offer alternator and pre-alternator repair and rebuilds for:

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Tractors
  • Other farm vehicles

Alternator and Pre-Alternator Repairs and Rebuilds

If you rely on an agricultural vehicle for your livelihood, you can’t leave the repair or rebuilding of an alternator up to chance. You need to reach out to the company that has served the community for four decades. That’s Generator Starter Company, the only entity with the professional repair crew on staff that can fix whatever is wrong with your alternator.

We specialize in the repair and replacements of tractor parts, and we can immediately tell you if your alternator needs a tune-up or if a rebuild from the ground up will be necessary. If it’s the latter, we have the widest selection and the best prices around.

We also repair and replace other farm vehicle alternators. Whatever machinery you use for agricultural purposes, you can be confident we have the know-how to get it up and running again.

Alternators can be tricky devices, but the pros at Generator Starter Company can tell you if your agricultural vehicle needs a new one or only a minor adjustment. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.